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The Most Disturbing Thing You’ll Watch Today: DON’T HUG ME I’M SCARED

For today’s viral video flashback, we are traveling back to 2011 when a table full of weird puppets told us all to think more creatively. Then life got weird and scary. Oh dear god, make it stop!


CINEMA IN EXTREMIS: Fire Up the VCR for “Lost” Splatter Epic HEADLESS [NSFW]

Welcome back, brave viewers and connoisseurs of outsider cinema! I hope you enjoyed our first journey into the darkest, dankest dimensions of the horror genre — because I’m just getting started. Rest assured, it’s going to get even weirder up in here. If you recall, in my list of recent extreme-horror titles you might have […]


A Look Back at Peter Jackson’s Most F’ed Up Film- MEET THE FEEBLES

Before he was hanging with Frodo and giant apes, Director Peter Jackson was pushing the boundaries of morals and good taste with his answer to Jim Henson’s Muppets, MEET THE FEEBLES. These are definitely not kid friendly plush puppets. The first five minutes’ of the movie feature a dominatrix elephant and a bosomy hippo singing […]


Was DUO-VISION The Best Horror Gimmick That Nobody Saw?

Getting an audience into a theater can be a tricky business. You have to dazzle them. You have to promise them glory. And when that fails, sometimes you just have to trick them outright. When a simple trailer won’t do, you have to resort to a gimmick, and let’s be honest… some gimmicks are better […]


Horror Flashback: Getting So Absurd It’s Frightening with Slasher Horror EXECUTIVE KOALA

EXECUTIVE KOALA was overlooked by many during its 2005 release, possibly because it is both unique and foreign, but also likely due to the fact that our protagonist is a giant koala. This horror/ comedy is highly stylized absurdist filmmaking at its best. It’s a world where koalas work for rabbits, and frogs run convenience stores without […]


A Surreal, Grotesque, and Dazzling Adventure into THE BOXER’S OMEN

When I was a kid, my Sunday mornings were owned by the USA Network. It began at about six o’clock in the morning with USA Cartoon express, then it continued into the late morning with WWF Superstars of Wrestling, then in the afternoon it folded neatly into the coup de grace, Kung Fu Theatre. Bruceploitation […]