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Listen to Vincent Price’s Infamous Album of Spells and Incantations!

Along with starring in some of the creepiest movies ever made (and some of the cheesiest), horror icon Vincent Price’s eclectic body of work includes numerous cookbooks, musical theater appearances, a novelty record where you can “act” in famous movie scenes with him, and a Muppet Show guest spot. But my favorite piece of Price […]


This Pug-Fronted Black Metal Band is Exactly What You Need to Start Your Week

How often are you faced with this dilemma? You consider yourself as evil as they come… but you also adore puppies, kittens and other animals, and just want to kiss them on their cute little noses. Yeah… I totally feel you on this one. Fans of extreme metal know the snuggle-struggle — there’s even a […]

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Five of the Most Shocking Real-Life “Satanic” Crimes

In spite of the paranoid fantasies of religious people, there doesn’t seem to be much of an organized satanic religion in the United States. There’s no underground network of evil priests and cultists worshipping Satan in depraved midnight rituals held in desecrated churches. (Believe me, I’ve looked.) Beyond political groups using “Satan” as a provocation, Satanism […]

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Slashback! Why CEMETERY OF TERROR is Mexico’s Best Slasher EVER

I know you’ve been missing my regular column on vintage slasher flicks… but it’s okay, you don’t have to reveal your dark and secret shame by admitting it. If you’re familiar with my previous installments, you know I tend to focus on more obscure oddities from the often-maligned slasher subgenre, as opposed to the classic […]

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The Fascinating Urban Legend of Proctor & Gamble & the Church of Satan

It’s easy to see how some urban legends get their start. The story of razor blades in Halloween candy, for example, was blown out of proportion after a father killed his son with poison-laced Halloween candy. But some urban legends seem to come out of nowhere, with no basis in anything. Such is the urban […]

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Five Truly Nightmarish Things That Made the News This Week

I think we can all agree we live in extremely weird times… and from the looks of the news lately, things are getting steadily weirder by the week. All the more reason to continue our weekly recap of the creepiest, scariest and most mysterious things happening around the world. The five stories listed below are just a […]

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Is POKEMON GO Part of a Vast Satanic Conspiracy?

Since its launch only two weeks ago, POKEMON GO has become the most successful mobile game ever. It has surpassed even Twitter in total usage, doubled the value of Nintendo, and caused countless scraggly mobs of players to gather in cities around the world.  But is this augmented-reality monster-hunting game a harmless summer pastime like […]


Slashback! Ain’t No Party Like THE REDEEMER’s Bloody Class Reunion!

The more you delve into the slasher vaults, the more you realize just how many body-count horror films were released before John Carpenter changed the game forever with 1978’s HALLOWEEN (and as you’ve probably heard by now, JC’s finally returning to those essential roots). Most horror fans adore Bob Clark’s 1974 cult classic BLACK CHRISTMAS, […]

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A Secret Look Inside the Creepiest Satanic Celebrity Party EVER

Like F. Scott Fitzgerald said, “The rich are different from you and me.” For instance, when they throw freaky parties, Audrey Hepburn and Salvador Dali show up instead of your dumbass friends. One of the aforementioned rich people, Marie-Hélène de Rothschild, threw a party in 1972 that was so different; it still inspires the dark […]

Sex, Drugs, and…Satan!: The Rise and Fall of the 80s Satanic Panic

In 1980, Canadian psychiatrist Lawrence Pazder and his patient Michelle Smith released a memoir called MICHELLE REMEMBERS. The book describes Michelle’s recovered memories of supposed Satanic ritual abuse as a child. The first such book to be released on the subject, MICHELLE REMEMBERS alleged that Michelle’s mother was part of a Satanic cult and forced her […]

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The Five Scariest Real-Life Cults in Modern Times

Cults are terrifying. The idea that one person can convince dozens — or even hundreds — of people to take part in heinous crimes to serve some ludicrous idea that no normal person would consider rational makes my skin crawl. The following cults are all lesser-known than, say, the Manson Family or Jonestown, but are […]

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This Abandoned Church May Have a Satanic History… and a Ghostly Resident

Video footage shot by a pair of amateur ghost-hunters at an abandoned UK church has sparked a firestorm among the paranormal web community, after closer study seemed to reveal a hooded, monk-like figure lurking on the grounds. Ominous stories about past diabolical doings at Old Saint Mary’s Church in Clophill, Bedfordshire drew the curiosity of […]

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Did Chicago Police Really Find a “Satanic Dungeon” Beneath Chuck E. Cheese?

It seems the interwebs have suddenly gone apeshit with rumors and theories about this horrifying headline that posted recently: POLICE FIND SATANIC RITUAL DUNGEON IN CHUCK E. CHEESE BASEMENT The story was quickly picked up by TMZ, who reposted it in its entirety — including information about the skeletal remains of four missing teenagers who […]