8 Horror Films with Only One Main Location

Over the past decade, as horror film budgets drop more and more, productions are always looking for ways to cut costs. One of the biggest means of doing so is to reduce the number of locations. This money-saving trend has forced filmmakers to utilize single settings as a means of enhancing the horror. And some horror films […]

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10 Killer Horror Flicks from the 2000s that You May Have Missed

Sure the 2000s just happened, but a lot of top-notch horror flicks got over-looked or just forgotten! One of the high points of the 2000s horror scene is that digital filmmaking was finally available to the mass populace causing a surge in the indie horror markets. With a saturation of horror films being released, many […]

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Let It Snow!: 10 Lesser Known Snowy Horror Movies

Winter is coming! Or so we’ve been told. Well, regardless of if your region is currently “unseasonably warm”, let’s get in the winter spirit with a few horror films that are set in the snow! Sure, we all know THE SHINING, LET THE RIGHT ONE IN, 30 DAYS OF NIGHT, and THE THING, but the […]