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Rediscovering SOMETHING EVIL — Steven Spielberg’s “Lost” Film!

Long before Steven Spielberg found his groove directing award-winning biopics and big-budget family films, it seemed like — if only for a moment — the young auteur might settle comfortably into a life of delivering audiences straight up genre pictures. It may be hard to believe now, young readers, but the sprawling blockbusters we associate […]

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The 10 Greatest Made-for-TV Horror Movies of All Time

There are an abundance of us who tend to skip made-for-television pics because we’re leery of watered down chills, but history has gifted us a few amazing small screen creep-outs, and it’s time we acknowledged them. If you’re reading this you’ve probably seen more bad than good, so we’re not going to dole out praise […]

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Ten 1980s Halloween Specials that Scared the Hell Out of Me

It’s strange, but I’ve discovered that many diehard horror fans have multiple recollections of being scared out of their minds by movies and television at young ages. Yet for some reason, they didn’t turn away from the scares but rather approached them head on and seeking out more scares. This is how I was as […]