Be-GORE-ra! Eight Irish Horror Movies Worth Checking Out

Ireland has given the world many useful things; the ejector seat, color photography, the Riverdance, hypodermic needles… and of course, Guinness. It’s also a place with a rich, proud tradition of horror storytelling and mythology, from banshees, fairies and leprechauns all the way to author Bram Stoker’s iconic creation DRACULA. Ireland has experienced something of a horror movie boom in recent […]

Real Life Scares 

Does This Creepy Audio Footage Reveal the Voices of the Dead?

Remember our recent story on THE CONJURING 2, featuring that haunting audio excerpt from the files of Ed & Lorraine Warren? Pure nightmare fuel, right? Think you can handle a little more? The following story contains a more recent example of what paranormal investigators call Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP), which is often a major component […]