CINEMA IN EXTREMIS: Writers David Bond & Scott Swan Are Changing the Rules of Horror

The mission of this column is to challenge your definitions of horror film — and even the nature of cinema itself as a transgressive art form. That means not only shining a light on disturbing, challenging productions operating deep beneath the surface of what we consider mainstream [here are six prime examples], but also offering […]

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What’s Under Your Sofa Right Now? Watch the Short DO WE PLAY and Find Out!

You’re never too old to play a little game of hide-and-seek, but this nightmarish three-minute horror film from award-winning filmmaker Tony Morales will make you more cautious about whom you choose to play with… assuming they haven’t already chosen you first. Once I saw stylish and spine-tingling DO WE PLAY, an entry in Spain’s 15th […]

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A How-To-Play Guide To John Carpenter’s HALLOWEEN Theme

John Carpenter is not only famous for laying down the framework for the slasher film, but he is also an iconic music composer. In fact, the master of horror composed and performed one of the most suspenseful movie scores in existence. And it is actually a simple tune to learn without any prior music knowledge. […]


Betsy Palmer’s Got a Secret: The Life and Career of Jason’s Mad Mommy

Horror fans know actress Betsy Palmer best as the mad mother of FRIDAY THE 13th slash-happy killer Jason Voorhees… but we’ve got some startling facts about the former glamour-girl-turned-movie-maniac. Late night viewers can still tune into see Betsy in her prime as a premier panelist on the long-running game show I’VE GOT A SECRET, which […]

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Knott’s Berry Farm is Planning the Creepiest Auction EVER

Want to fill your home with the very embodiment of nightmares? If you’ve got the cash and can arrange to be in Buena Park, California on March 31, you just might get your chance — thanks to a special auction of vintage items from the archives of Knott’s Berry Farm. According to KABC News, the […]


David Gordon Green, Danny McBride Will Direct/Write The New HALLOWEEN Movie For Blumhouse!

It’s been a while since it was announced that Blumhouse Productions would be making the next HALLOWEEN film. It takes time to find the right team of filmmakers with a unique vision that will be able to do the franchise justice. But, John Carpenter himself, who will be exec-producing and consulting on the film, hopped […]


Exclusive Clip: Here’s A Taste Of Vampire Sequel STAKE LAND II!

STAKE LAND II may have made it’s television debut on Syfy last Halloween season, but the fine fiends over at Dark Sky Films are giving it a proper Blu-Ray and DVD release next week on February 14th, because nothing says romance like a post-apocalyptic vampire sequel! For those of you that do the whole VOD […]

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Check Out the Twelve Creepiest (and Coolest) ReAction Horror Figures!

Towards the end of last year, Funko announced that the company ended its partnership with fellow collectible creators Super 7 in the creation of ReAction figures, leaving the latter to continue the line on its own. These smaller figures took stylistic inspiration from toys of the ’70s and ’80s, but covered a huge number of […]


VIDEO: The Long Lost Art Of The Movie Novelization!

Here is Wikipedia’s introduction paragraph to a what a “movie novelization” is. “A novelization (or novelisation) is a derivative novel that adapts the story of a work created for another medium, such as a film, TV series, comic strip or video game. Film novelizations were particularly popular before the advent of home video, but continue […]


Julie Benz, Danielle Harris Check Into HAVENHURST, This February!

Here’s another interesting new horror flick to put on your radar! Coming February 10th from Brainstorm Media and Twisted Pictures is HAVENHURST, the new genre movie starring fan favorites Julie Benz and Danielle Harris. Directed by Andrew C. Erin, and co-written by Erin (SAM’S LAKE, SIMPLE THINGS) and Daniel Farrands (AMITYVILLE: THE AWAKENING, HAUNTING IN CONNECTICUT, […]

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This Epic Cthulhu Statue is a Must-Own for H.P. Lovecraft Fans [VIDEO]

It’s been a while since I posted to our horror-lovers’ Gift Guide… but when something this amazing comes to my attention, it’s tough to pass up. While I’m not a dedicated collector of horror collectibles, I do have a few cherished pieces displayed in my office and home studio — usually those with strong sentimental […]


Beware Of The Stranger In This Scary Short Film THE PHOTOGRAPHER!

It’s the end of the week, and time to unwind. For most of us, that entails breaking out some horror the weekend. Why not kick it off with some bite-sized horror and our recommended short of the week? From French filmmaker Kévin Mendiboure, his latest project THE PHOTOGRAPHER explores just how scary social media can […]


Ranking the Genre Films of John Carpenter — From Worst to First!

If you’re already visiting this site, it’s a foregone conclusion that you’re familiar with the filmography of John Carpenter — one of the most revered and familiar names in genre cinema. While we’ve been experiencing something of a Carpenter Renaissance lately, thanks to the recent surge in the multi-talented artist’s music career and John’s surprising […]