CINEMA IN EXTREMIS: Cautionary Tale or Sick Exploitation? The Controversial MEGAN IS MISSING

[Warning: Some screenshots below are quite disturbing and not safe for work.] There are many movies, across all genres, that have historically generated controversy and public outcry for tackling topics that seem on the surface to be at cross-purposes with the filmmakers’ intent. Often it’s the same old “art or exploitation?” argument that’s hounded certain […]


Reactions to THE X-FILES Miniseries Finale: “My Struggle, Part II”

In continuing with the season premiere, tonight’s finale gives us (some) of the conclusion to the insane, global conspiracy that Mulder and Tad O’Malley were obsessing over. It turns out that the entire population isn’t infected with alien DNA; only a chosen few are. Scully is one of them, and that alien DNA is what […]


Watch a Gory Exclusive Clip from the HELLEVATOR Season Finale!

Horror’s “Twisted Twins” Jen & Sylvia Soska have been putting terrified contestants (well… victims, really) through literal hell for an entire season on GSN’s extreme game show HELLEVATOR, subjecting them to all manner of grueling shocks and diabolical tortures in order to solve devious puzzles of death and escape a nasty fate. But on the […]