How Does One Build The “Perfect” Horror Anthology? One Segment At A Time!

Horror anthologies. Everyone loves ’em. And what’s fun about them is debating, after the fact, about which segments were the strongest, scariest, most fun, etc. It’s also easily the most subjective sub-genre within horror. You and your friends can all sit in and watch the same anthology, and yet each of you will more than […]


This Week On SHOCK WAVES, We’re Building The “Perfect” Horror Anthology!

This week on Shock Waves, join your hosts Rob Galluzzo, Ryan Turek, Elric Kane, Rebekah McKendry, and special guest co-host Darin Scott as they delve into horror anthologies! But first, a discussion on the KING KONG franchise, spurred by the latest film KONG: SKULL ISLAND, and then the latest horrors! Ryan revisited the ’89 Robert […]

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The 10 Greatest Made-for-TV Horror Movies of All Time

There are an abundance of us who tend to skip made-for-television pics because we’re leery of watered down chills, but history has gifted us a few amazing small screen creep-outs, and it’s time we acknowledged them. If you’re reading this you’ve probably seen more bad than good, so we’re not going to dole out praise […]

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The Scariest Horror Movies of the 1940s

Over the past few weeks, I curated several lists of the scariest films from each decade. I began my selections with the 1950s simply because it allowed me to space the decades throughout the month of October. But readers soon lamented that I had not traveled back to the 1940s. So, I’m now journeying back […]

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Gregory Burkart Explains Why This is the Scariest Movie Teaser of All Time

You might find this hard to believe, but… when I was a kid, I was too scared to even think about watching a horror movie. Any horror movie. It’s not like I wasn’t morbidly fascinated with monsters and maniacs; it’s an odd quirk of human nature that we tend to become obsessed with the things […]

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10 Reasons I Have a Deep Love & Fear of Aquatic Horror

I have always had both a profound fascination with and extreme fear of deep water. I trace this back to my childhood growing up along the Shenandoah River in Virginia. My family never thought twice about swimming in the river. But silently in my mind, I always had the “JAWS” fear. Could a shark or […]


The Scariest Ventriloquist’s Dummy Ever: 1945’s DEAD OF NIGHT!

A few years ago, I was teaching a Horror Film History class at Hunter College, and I was searching for a film to show my students that was from the 1940’s. Because of the decency codes during this time and the war in Europe, most of the films became a tad drier and more moral […]