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MISFITS Guitarist Starring in Remake of Cult Fave DON’T LOOK IN THE BASEMENT

After making the rounds at drive-ins and seedy cinemas throughout the ‘70s — often paired with LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT — and a second life on countless public-domain home video releases, S.F. Brownrigg’s gritty, twisted cult classic DON’T LOOK IN THE BASEMENT [one of our favorite DON’T! movies], is making genre headlines again this […]

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This Uncomfortably Friendly Animated Character is Seriously Creeping Out the Internet

Since we first launched this site, we’ve been proud to raise awareness for spooky, shocking and suspenseful shorts by talented filmmakers around the world — but the film HI STRANGER, created by artist-director Kirsten Lepore, may be the first short we’ve shared that doesn’t seem overtly scary. At first, anyway. Clocking in at less than […]

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The Horrifying Hilarity of Wham City Comedy

Sometimes you’ve got to laugh to keep from crying. Other times, you’ve got to laugh to keep from screaming yourself into a coma when confronted with the cold and absurd paradox of human existence in an inhuman world. The latter phenomenon is the best description of what occurs when you’re watching a video created by […]


Norman Bates Is Coming To Dallas! BATES MOTEL’s Freddie Highmore Added To TEXAS FRIGHTMARE!

This is an exciting addition to the already incredible line-up of guests for the upcoming Texas Frightmare convention. and the Shock Waves gang will all be there. And now it looks like Norman Bates is coming to Dallas! Freddie Highmore from A&E’s BATES MOTEL joins his fellow cast mates Max Thieriot and Nestor Carbonell. […]

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5 of the Goriest Kills in Non-Horror Movies

One of my favorite topics to write about is how horror infiltrates the non-genre aspects of pop culture. The genre we love is so subversive and niche, and there’s always a bit of a secret thrill that comes when a “regular” movie or TV show acknowledges it, even dabbling in it a little bit. And if […]


Five Filmmakers You Didn’t Know Were Masters of Horror!

While there are cinematic greats in every genre, there’s nothing quite like the relationship between horror fans and the “Masters of Horror” — filmmakers who have remained loyal to the genre throughout their prolific careers, churning out memorably macabre movies that helped shape the fandom and identities of fright fans around the world. In return, […]


Watch ROGUE ONE’s Finale Seamlessly Edited Into STAR WARS: A NEW HOPE’s Opening!

When it comes to the greatest, most bad-ass villains in cinema history, it’s tough for anyone to top Darth Vader. I mean, as a little kid, when I first saw the original STAR WARS, he terrified me! But, of course, as you get a bit older and continue marathoning the original trilogy, he emerges not […]


Hail To The King, Baby! Trailer For Larry Cohen Documentary KING COHEN Is Here!

If you look over the filmography of screenwriter and established director Larry Cohen over on IMDB, it’s fairly obvious that there’s no one else like him. This is the guy that gave us the satirical horror flick THE STUFF, directed a mutant killer baby franchise with IT’S ALIVE, penned the scripts for the rampages of […]

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You And Your Friends Can Enjoy A Fire With These Fireproof Skulls!

What’s better on a cool night than gathering around with your friends around an open fire, drinking some beers, telling stories, and watching the skulls of your enemies burn?! OK, well, you might not be able to literally roast the skulls of your enemies, but now you can pretend to! Myard DELUXE Logs is offering […]

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You’re In A Cult, Call Your Dad: Five Of The Weirdest Cults In Human History

We all want to be part of something. We want to be with those who think like us, who enjoy the things we enjoy, who make us feel less alone and less weird. Some of us find that on the school yard at a young age. Others need to wait until we get to our […]


The Politics and Hyper-Relevancy of Stephen King’s THE MIST

THE MIST presents an “end of the world” scenario and, without attributing it to anything specific or plausible, the potential for analogies is endless. Films about a nuclear holocaust carry more weight during times of nuclear threats, and zombie films about a viral apocalypse can scare a little more after outbreaks like H1N1. In THE […]


Why Are Guns So Seldom Used in Horror Movies?

Have you ever noticed that killers in horror movies almost never use guns? They wield knives, machetes, axes, spears, harpoons, pitchforks, chainsaws, meathooks, finger-blades, chains, ropes, tree branches, human bones, sledgehammers, scythes, drills, scissors, cleavers, forks, corkscrews, nails, glass shards, skewers, razor wire, wood chippers, claws, teeth, talons, beaks, proboscises, acid, electrical wires, workout equipment, […]

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QUIZ: How Well Do You Know 1980s Slasher Movies?

Each month in Los Angeles, Dead Right Horror Trivia Night brings together horror’s best and geekiest to go head to head in a battle of brains. This month, the festivities were sposnored by Scream Factory and featured a variety of rounds including “Slashers” (created by Scream factory’s own Jeff Nelson). See how well you stack up against […]