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Donors Wanted! Remembering That Cannibal Restaurant in Germany [NSFW]

Cannibalism is, to make light of it, perhaps the silliest of all taboos. There is something absurd about the thought of eating another person. At one moment, they are an intelligent and well-spoken peer, full of thoughts and emotions, and the next, they are mixed into your morning waffles. Does anyone else giggle at that […]

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A Closer Look at the Amazingly Weird “Fantasy Coffins” of Ghana

Ghana is my favorite nation. Besides its history of creating bizarre promotional posters for horror movies from the 1980s and 90s, the East African nation also throws the best funerals on earth. When someone important dies among the Ga people of Ghana, they don’t just shove ‘em in a pine box. Ghanaian artists carve and […]

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This Uncomfortably Friendly Animated Character is Seriously Creeping Out the Internet

Since we first launched this site, we’ve been proud to raise awareness for spooky, shocking and suspenseful shorts by talented filmmakers around the world — but the film HI STRANGER, created by artist-director Kirsten Lepore, may be the first short we’ve shared that doesn’t seem overtly scary. At first, anyway. Clocking in at less than […]

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5 of the Goriest Kills in Non-Horror Movies

One of my favorite topics to write about is how horror infiltrates the non-genre aspects of pop culture. The genre we love is so subversive and niche, and there’s always a bit of a secret thrill that comes when a “regular” movie or TV show acknowledges it, even dabbling in it a little bit. And if […]


Five Filmmakers You Didn’t Know Were Masters of Horror!

While there are cinematic greats in every genre, there’s nothing quite like the relationship between horror fans and the “Masters of Horror” — filmmakers who have remained loyal to the genre throughout their prolific careers, churning out memorably macabre movies that helped shape the fandom and identities of fright fans around the world. In return, […]

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You And Your Friends Can Enjoy A Fire With These Fireproof Skulls!

What’s better on a cool night than gathering around with your friends around an open fire, drinking some beers, telling stories, and watching the skulls of your enemies burn?! OK, well, you might not be able to literally roast the skulls of your enemies, but now you can pretend to! Myard DELUXE Logs is offering […]

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QUIZ: How Well Do You Know 1980s Slasher Movies?

Each month in Los Angeles, Dead Right Horror Trivia Night brings together horror’s best and geekiest to go head to head in a battle of brains. This month, the festivities were sposnored by Scream Factory and featured a variety of rounds including “Slashers” (created by Scream factory’s own Jeff Nelson). See how well you stack up against […]

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CREEPYPASTA: This Eerie Video is the Only Evidence of a Fatal Chatroom Encounter

Today’s topic should drive home a piece of advice you probably don’t need, but should hear anyhow: When talking to strangers on the web, it’s best to exercise the same caution you would in flesh-space… especially if you’re wandering into questionable territory. For example: If you’re familiar with the popular chat site Omegle (or others […]

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5 Awesome Thriller & Horror Movies Now Streaming on Netflix

Holy zombies! TRAIN TO BUSAN is now on Netflix instant streaming. Seriously, you no longer have an excuse to miss this epic movie. We also found a few other new and over-looked treasures available now for your horror and thriller viewing pleasures. TRAIN TO BUSAN (2016) Go watch this right now. Right now! A zombie outbreak […]


Five Reasons to Finally Catch Up with Slasher Series HARPER’S ISLAND

Premiering in April of 2009, CBS’s hour-long drama HARPER’S ISLAND was, alongside SUPERNATURAL, one of the earliest examples of a TV show going for broke providing hardcore horror of a kind that had previously been absent on prime time for quite a while — if at all. A slasher film masquerading as an Agatha Christie-style murder […]

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CINEMA IN EXTREMIS: Watch the Outrageously Gory “Safety Film” FORKLIFT DRIVER KLAUS!

Greetings, cinematic extremists! Time to put your plastic ponchos on, ‘cuz we’re gonna get messy again. I’ve had kind of a rough week, so instead of delving too deeply into the artistic, social and philosophical aspects of extreme horror today, I thought we’d have a little splatstick fun instead… and best of all, today’s entry isn’t […]

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Exploring THE BLAIR WITCH FILES Teen Books: What Happened To Heather Donahue?

Despite the revolutionary viral success of THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT, I missed out on the theatrical experience of history in the making. The film first fell into my lap as a rented VHS copy from the local video store, and it played from the television screen into my mind as the desperate cry for help […]

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Five SXSW Horror-Thrillers You Have to See (and One You Never Will)

The dignity of film festivals falls by the wayside a few minutes before midnight, when the monsters come out. That’s especially true for the illustrious South By Southwest (SXSW) film festival, with a popular “Midnighters” program that highlights scary movies, violent comedies, and bizarre experiments in audience discomfort. I attended SXSW 2017 last weekend, where […]