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The Ghosts of Pike Place Market, The Most Haunted Place In Seattle

Visiting a place and knowing that it has been reported haunted is a thrilling experience. You go there with the expectation that something— or someone— will make you jump out of your skin. The desire for confirmation of the paranormal activity is so strong that you may even begin to exaggerate your experience. However, what’s […]

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Locals Horrified When Unidentified “Globster” Washes Ashore in the Philippines

Residents of the Dinagat Islands in the Philippines are freaking out over the recent arrival of a gigantic, white, hairy-looking mass, which is alleged to be the corpse of an as-yet-unidentified creature. The grotesque carcass — which reportedly measures roughly 15 feet in length and appears to be streaked with blood — washed up on […]

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Welcome to Lily Dale; Home of the Paranormal

In the winter of 1844, Dr. Moran traveled from his home in Vermont to Laona, a small village near Cassadaga Lake in New York. Dr. Moran, a mesmerist, had made a name for himself by touting the healing powers of hypnotism, and his teachings had caught the attention of William Johnson, who’s friend Jeremiah Carter […]

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What’s in YOUR Horror Wardrobe?

Hey, Blumhouse readers! It’s Brennan here again. About a week ago, I asked you to share the five Scream Factory titles that defined your personality, and I loved seeing the wide variety of answers people gave. So it’s time for another look at your horror collection! I’m going to share some of my favorite articles […]

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The Strange, Unsolved Murder of Joan Freeman

Her skull was bashed in beyond recognition, and her throat slit from ear to ear. She was only a thin layer of tissue away from being decapitated.  It was clear the young woman had been killed ten times over. It might sound crazy, but it appeared as though Joan Freeman’s head was pecked apart by […]

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CREEPYPASTA: Joining This Image Board Was a Fatal Mistake [VIDEO]

Considering that some of the most enduring creepypastas [including the infamous Slenderman himself] were born on image-sharing groups like 4chan and Something Awful, it’s actually quite rare that a report comes down the pipe in which the group itself is the source of terror. But in this case, that’s exactly what happened. Shared anonymously, today’s […]

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This Gruesome Footage Shows a Deadly Spider and Snake Battling to the Death

Do I even need to mention the following video was shot in Australia? Not content to simply rest on their status as world leader in nightmarish creepy-crawlies (including the kind which can totally kill you), our friends Down Under have unleashed a horrifying video showing one of the continent’s deadliest arachnids — the redback spider […]

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The Murders And Myths Of Shades Of Death Road

If you ever find yourself in Warren County, New Jersey, you could likely be traveling down Hope Road. If, like me, you have a terrible sense of direction, you may find yourself stopping at a local gas station for $5 of unleaded and some directions. Now, the first weird bit if you aren’t from Jersey […]

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The Strange and Infamous History of Britain’s Holloway Sanitarium

The English hamlet of Virginia Water is tucked away in a quiet corner of Surrey. It is home to the grand Wentworth Estate, where the first Ryder Cup golf tournament was held. Nearby lies the leafy and serene Windsor Great Park. And until 1980, it was home to the Holloway Sanitarium — one of the […]

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HALLS OF HORROR: The East Coast’s Most Extreme Haunt Experience

Introduction Extreme haunts and immersive horror experiences are catching the interest of mature horror fans across the country. A groundswell — perhaps even an underground movement — is beginning to push the industry into new directions that cater to horror junkies looking to experience true psychological and physical horror in a controlled environment. Endless fan […]

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10 Lesser-Known Horror Films You Need to See

There are as many definitions of ‘horror’ as there are horror fans. Fear is subjective, as are film experiences, and diversity of views is one of the most exciting things about the genre. For every mainstream spookfest, then, there is an unusual, daring and experimental horror film that breaks boundaries and challenges audiences. While they […]

Image Credit: Markus Schieder

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CREEPYPASTA: This Random Google Maps Search Went Horribly Wrong

Today’s nightmarish tale has been recounted in a few different variations, but the most chilling account comes from an unknown user who claims to have been the last to hear from the unfortunate person involved. There is no concrete evidence — beyond a series of text exchanges, from which the attached images were pulled — […]

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Can You Handle This List of the World’s Six Creepiest Spiders?

Nature is disgusting and just wants to kill us. Look at spiders. Totally natural and totally horrible. All of the 40,000 types of spiders on earth are enemies to man. I don’t want to hear about biodiversity, or “spiders kill other, worse insects.” Bah.  Just look at their terrible soulless eyes and consider their spindly […]