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Kick Off Your Week With This Punk Rock Cover Of ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK

These last few years, it’s been amazing to see the resurgence of John Carpenter, both the man’s films, and the music he composed for them. He’s now toured the world, released 2 new albums and a handful of remix and reduxed themes. It’s hard to pick a favorite theme from his vast filmography, but I have […]



Music Video Premiere: “Love Like Lies” By AESTHETIC PERFECTION

Well, hello creepy people moving around to this bitchin’ Industrial tune. Below, we’ve got the music video premiere of Aesthetic Perfection’s new single “Love Like Lies.” Aesthetic Perfection is the solo project of LA based producer Daniel Graves. Over a career spanning 15 years, five feature-length albums, and numerous singles and videos, Graves has reinvented […]



NSFW Music Video Premiere: “Part 1: The Kennedy Curse” By THE FUTURE IS POINTLESS!

Sometimes, a band comes out of nowhere that combines various elements of different genres in a way that’s unique, exciting and just rockin’. THE FUTURE IS POINTLESS is one of those bands. The group features Villz, as well as Aaron C. Harmon and Jordan Reyes from BASECAMP, who are currently on tour with that project. Below […]

(Photo by Mick Hutson/Redferns)


You’ll Never Hear FAITH NO MORE’s “Epic” The Same After This Breakdown

One of my current favorite things is “The Session” on 95.5 KLOS here in Los Angeles, hosted by Christian James Hand and Mike Savage. It’s a weekly series in which Christian picks a classic song and breaks it down, instrument by instrument, and analyzes in both an educational and humorous way what makes the song […]



Hear A Track From Bill Moseley & Phil Anselmo’s New Album “Songs of Darkness And Despair”

Most horror fans like two things: The great Bill Moseley, most well known for his indelible performances as Chop Top in Tobe Hooper’s TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 2 and as Otis in Rob Zombies first 2 features HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES and THE DEVIL’S REJECTS… And also PANTERA. Well, how would you feel if I told […]


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Tomorrow, Friday, January 13th marks the return of our very own horror podcast Shock Waves. It’ll be the first episode of the year and our first episode back after the extended holiday break. In it, we’ll be looking ahead at our most anticipated horror movies of 2017, but if you need a quick podcast fix, […]


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David Bowie Made Me Love Horror

If you listen to horror podcasts like Shock Waves, there’s a question that comes up pretty often; how did you get into horror. The stories are usually similar – the person was young and their parents didn’t let them watch horror, so those movies became taboo, creating an instant connection. The exact movie that finally […]


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Listen To BBC Radio’s Audio Adaptation Of THE RING! In 3D Sound!

Are you a fan of audio dramas? Or perhaps an avid listener of books on tape? Well, this might just be the quick fix you’ve been looking for! With the debut of both the new trailer and poster for RINGS last week, not to mention Shudder’s premiere date announcement for SADAKO VS KAYAKO, I’ve had […]



Feast Your Eyes On Mondo’s TWIN PEAKS: FIRE WALK WITH ME Vinyl Release!

As I mentioned in my article showcasing my favorite vinyl releases of 2016, one of the best was the long awaited re-release of Angelo Badalamenti’s score for TWIN PEAKS, which arrived courtesy of Death Waltz Recordings and Mondo. Well, it is happening again! Mondo has just issued a press release announcing the new vinyl re-release […]


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Ennio Morricone’s Score For John Carpenter’s THE THING Re-Emerging On Vinyl!

Much like the title creature of John Carpenter’s landmark 1983 remake, the popularity and reverence for THE THING only continues to grow and spread! Despite it’s frosty reception to the general public that instead wanted to feel the warm and fuzzy good vibes of Steven Spielberg’s E.T. at the time, over 30 some-odd years later, […]



Extreme Metal Legends Dawn of Ashes Announce Upcoming Album DAEMONOLATRY GNOSIS

A little more than a year ago, I interviewed my friend and colleague Kristof Bathory, the founder and creative force behind iconic extreme-metal band Dawn of Ashes — as well an avid practitioner of ritual magick and a student of the occult, appointed last year as Ambassador to the Greater Church of Lucifer. Kristof has […]



Rob G’s 10 Favorite Vinyl Releases Of 2016!

Horror soundtracks are more popular than ever. The same applies for music on vinyl, which has seen a major resurgence over the course of the last few years. Tons of specialty labels are either reissuing classic soundtracks, fully remastered with impressive new art and packaging. Some are clearly focusing on capitalizing on new properties or […]


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The Pastel Nightmare of Melanie Martinez’s ‘CRY BABY’

Before she was old enough to vote, Martinez was a contestant on THE VOICE, and placed in the Top 6. Two of the studio versions of her songs cracked the Top 10 on iTunes, due in large part to her ability to modify popular songs into an ambient and somewhat uncomfortable sound. Martinez’s voice has […]