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Waxworks Records Unveils TOURIST TRAP Cover Art!

If you’ve never seen the 1979 creepy feature TOURIST TRAP starring Chuck Connors, stop what you’re doing, drop everything and seek this horror gem out immediately! While there was controversy regarding the recent Blu-Ray from Full Moon Pictures last year, where director David Schmoeller disapproved of missing footage from that release, no doubt the following news […]

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Writing Tips From Stephen King (Colbert Edition)

Stephen King made an appearance on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert last week, where he showed off his National Medal of Arts from President Obama, referenced how it made him look like Flavor Flav and pointed out that all the critics who were hard on him at the beginning of his career are all dead […]


Killer POV Pick Of The Week – Bob Randall’s THE FAN

This week on the Killer POV, we shifted the usual conversation from horror movies and delved into a discussion all about “literary horror!” It seemed only fitting considering our guest was Del Howison, the owner (along with his wife Sue) of Dark Delicacies, the premiere horror bookstore located in beautiful Burbank, California. Del’s also an author […]


A CHRISTMAS HORROR STORY Arrives Early For Halloween!

I love Christmas themed horror. And it looks like this year, we’ll have plenty of new movies to add to our annual holiday viewing with Michael Dougherty’s highly anticipated KRAMPUS on queue, as well as Spooky Dan Walker’s SLAY BELLES gearing up for a winter debut. But here’s one that’s coming a bit early! On October […]


Full Specs Revealed For The LARRY FESSENDEN Collection!

Scream Factory has always done a stellar job at both restoring and re-presenting cult classic genre titles and also advocating and championing some of the latest indie horror offerings, the latter being one of the many benefits of their partnership with IFC Midnight. But this particular announcement makes me tremendously excited. Not only am I […]


Familiar Genre Faces Front Horror/Comedy KIDS VS MONSTERS!

Malcolm McDowell? Lance Henriksen? Richard Moll? All in a MONSTER SQUAD-esque horror/comedy with actual practical monsters in suits?! That’s what we can expect when Anchor Bay Entertainment releases KIDS VS MONSTERS on digital and On Demand on September 29th! Check out the full trailer and synopsis below! Malcolm McDowell (A Clockwork Orange, “The Mentalist”) and […]


Scream Factory Brings Us Back To ZOMBIE HIGH!

Anytime Scream Factory makes a title announcement is usually cause for celebration. And this morning is no different! The label have unveiled their plans for 4 more horror title releases before 2015 is out! Coming this December, we will see Blu-Ray releases of ZOMBIE HIGH, the 1987 flick starring a pre-CANDYMAN Virginia Madsen, Sherilyn Fenn […]


Mondo Unveils These “Slasher” Sweaters!

If you’ve ever had the desire to own some sweaters and scarves based upon the holy trinity of terror, A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, FRIDAY THE 13TH or HALLOWEEN, luckily Mondo has got you covered! They’ve just announced and posted a series of horror apparel to “keep you warm this fall” season! The limited designs […]


Lost on VHS: BLOOD SALVAGE (1990)

“ If Jake can’t fix it… it’s been dead too long.”


A Wes Craven Tribute Worthy Of The “Master Of Horror”

Since the news of Wes Craven’s passing, a lot of people have done various tributes, editorials and testimonials to the “master of horror’s” legacy. But one in particular worth sharing is this video essay put together by Nelson Carvajal for Craven was a truly gifted and intellectual filmmaker that managed to challenge the way […]


THE INVOKING 2 Trailer Delivers Anthology Scares!

Whereas 2013’s The Invoking was a traditional straight up thriller, this new second feature in the now-franchise seems to have taken a total 180 and is instead delivering up the horror in anthology format! Judging from the just released trailer, these tales seem to be brimming with some spooky bits! Featuring films by Jamie DeWolf (SMOKED), […]


“Hail To The King, Baby!” Full ARMY OF DARKNESS Blu-Ray Specs!

Alright you primitive screwheads, listen up! We’ve got great news for you. Yes, yes. I know what you’re thinking. Much like with the original EVIL DEAD and even EVIL DEAD 2, you have to buy yet another edition of ARMY OF DARKNESS?! The fine folks at Scream Factory, being fans themselves, understand your plight. And […]


TRICK ‘R TREAT Fans, Prepare For The Coming Of KRAMPUS!

For those of you that loved writer/director Michael Dougherty’s take of Halloween night with his classic horror anthology film TRICK ‘R TREAT, well now you’re in for another “treat,” as the filmmaker is back, this time setting his sights on the Christmas holiday with his new movie KRAMPUS! Legendary Pictures has unveiled the creepy theatrical […]