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A Closer Look at the Amazingly Weird “Fantasy Coffins” of Ghana

Ghana is my favorite nation. Besides its history of creating bizarre promotional posters for horror movies from the 1980s and 90s, the East African nation also throws the best funerals on earth. When someone important dies among the Ga people of Ghana, they don’t just shove ‘em in a pine box. Ghanaian artists carve and […]

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Corporate Horror: 10 Office Horror Movies

Jobs are where souls go to die. Beneath the bright fluorescent lights and fake plants, corporate workplaces are cages full of weirdoes who would kill their neighbors for a corner office if they weren’t such boring cowards. Blumhouse’s upcoming THE BELKO EXPERIMENT (coming to theaters on May 17) illustrates the hidden dread, desperation, and violence […]

Real Life Scares 

Five Grisly True Stories of Human Corpses Discovered in Hotel Rooms

Don’t you just love checking into a hotel or motel and finding a dead body under (or inside) the bed? I sure do. Murderers renting a room, killing someone, and then shoving them inside the bed happen fairly frequently, too. You can understand the temptation — the platforms that most hotel/motel beds are built on […]

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Dangerous Toys: The Five Deadliest Children’s Toys Ever Made

The five toys listed below are killer. Not killer in the sense of being awesome… in the sense of actually being potentially deadly. It may be hard to believe these were actually designed for children, considering what we now know… but yeah, they totally were. While you can no longer purchase any of these accursed playthings at […]

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Clinton Road: The Most Haunted Highway in the United States

What is it with New Jersey and creepy-ass roads? We recently wrote about Warren County’s Shades of Death Road and its Native American burial ground, the photo collection of an unknown serial killer, and various ghosts… but if you drive an hour northeast of Shades of Death to West Milford, you’ll find Clinton Road, another […]

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The Incredibly Bizarre World of Ghana’s Horror Movie Posters

Horror movie posters from Ghana are amazing. Painted by local artists to promote roadshow screenings of bootlegged foreign movies, these totally unauthorized images have a rawness and power that the slick Hollywood promotional materials can’t touch. In the 1980s and ’90s, “video clubs” sprung up all over the West African nation of Ghana. They screened […]

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Can You Handle This List of the World’s Six Creepiest Spiders?

Nature is disgusting and just wants to kill us. Look at spiders. Totally natural and totally horrible. All of the 40,000 types of spiders on earth are enemies to man. I don’t want to hear about biodiversity, or “spiders kill other, worse insects.” Bah.  Just look at their terrible soulless eyes and consider their spindly […]

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The Horror! Francis Coppola is Developing the APOCALYPSE NOW Video Game

Get ready for some some crazy news: There’s a new survival horror-style video game in development based on Francis Ford Coppola’s Vietnam epic APOCALYPSE NOW. Before you mentally throw it into the dungheap of shovelware games that crap on classic movies, consider this: Coppola himself is behind the project, and has compiled a development team […]

Real Life Scares 

The Five Most Bizarre and Horrific Serial-Killing Groups Ever

We usually think of serial killing as a solitary vocation, practiced by loners driven by unspeakable personal demons, but sometimes groups of people come together to kill — and when they do, their motivations are fascinating. Whether they killed for pure profit, love, or some weird group madness, the five death-squads below are among the […]

Real Life Scares 

The Shocking Story of SYNANON: Drug Rehab Cult of the Damned

On March 3, 1975 Ronald Pearson and Michael Clancy stepped out of their normal lives and into a horror movie. After an afternoon flying model airplanes on a remote wooded property in Marin County, CA, the pair returned to their pick-up truck to drive home. The truck’s tires had sunk into the soft mud and […]

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After School Satan: The Devil Is (Not Really) Coming for Your Children!

The only after school program I had as a kid was breaking bottles down by the crick… but 2017’s kids have a range of edifying après-elementary school choices, from Drama Club to Mathletes to Bible societies. Now, thanks to The Satanic Temple, school kids can attend After School Satan club too. METAL! Since they launched […]

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Five Ghosts and Creepy Anomalies Found in Feature Films and TV Shows

There is a ton of home-shot footage on the Internet that purports to capture ghosts, monsters, or UFOs, but shaky cellphone footage is easily faked, and hoaxers are plentiful. For lasting paranormal gravitas, you have to capture inexplicable phenomena in a feature film or TV show. Since no one wants a spirit to mess up […]

Real Life Scares 

The Bizarre But True Story of “The Killer Grannies of Santa Monica”

When Kenneth McDavid met Helen Golay and Olga Rutterschmidt, they must have seemed like guardian angels. Homeless, schizophrenic, and estranged from his family, McDavid probably wasn’t used to many people showing him kindness, but the little old grannies he met in 2003 at the Hollywood Presbyterian Church’s homeless program were different. Rather than begrudging him […]