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The 5 Scariest Horror Shorts that are Under Five Minutes

We watch a lot of horror short films at, and we love debating which are the funniest or have the best concepts. But how about the scariest? For today, we have carved together our list of the five creepiest, freakiest, and most chilling horror shorts we could fine online that are also under five […]

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10 Lesser-Known 1980s Horror Movies You Need to See

The 1980s were known for big hair, neon colors, loud music, and also a massive boom in the horror genre. The advent of the VCR created a whole new market for rental tapes, and filmmakers could not churn out horror films fast enough to keep the ravenous fans satisfied. But because there was such a […]

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Horror & Sci-fi Coming to Netflix in April

The Netflix April line-up includes a lot of great comedies like TROPIC THUNDER and COOL RUNNINGS, as well as a nice assortment of kids’ flicks like KUBO AND THE TWO STRINGS and THE BFG. But horror and science fiction are scant this month sadly. I was only able to tease out four genres titles from […]

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You Let Your Kids Watch That?: The Trials of Being a Horror-Loving Parent

It happens to many of us. We are lifelong horror fans who one day decide to procreate, and then we are faced with the daunting task of celebrating our horror fandom while also being good and wholesome parents. This predicament has led to many evenings of me watching frightening flicks via headphones and iPad, while […]

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QUIZ: How Well Do You Know 1980s Slasher Movies?

Each month in Los Angeles, Dead Right Horror Trivia Night brings together horror’s best and geekiest to go head to head in a battle of brains. This month, the festivities were sposnored by Scream Factory and featured a variety of rounds including “Slashers” (created by Scream factory’s own Jeff Nelson). See how well you stack up against […]

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5 Awesome Thriller & Horror Movies Now Streaming on Netflix

Holy zombies! TRAIN TO BUSAN is now on Netflix instant streaming. Seriously, you no longer have an excuse to miss this epic movie. We also found a few other new and over-looked treasures available now for your horror and thriller viewing pleasures. TRAIN TO BUSAN (2016) Go watch this right now. Right now! A zombie outbreak […]

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Banned in the UK!: 10 Obscure Horror Greats on the “Video Nasties” List

During the 1980s, when movies first entered homes via VHS tapes, bannings and censorship became rampant in many parts of the world. Perhaps the most well-known of these censorship movements was the United Kingdom’s “video nasties”, a list of 72 horror movies that were in some way censored. Some of the titles were just forced […]

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10 Movies that Will Destroy Your Grasp on Reality

Movies can make you laugh and cry, but they can also make you question your own reality. Remember that moment after you first saw THE MATRIX or GHOST IN THE SHELL, and you looked at the world around you wondering, just for a brief second, if it could all be fake, just a dream or […]

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5 Stephen King Movies Available for Streaming on Netflix

For many horror fans, the books of Stephen King were a gateway drug into horror films. Whether you saw your parents reading the novels and were traumatized by the book covers or dared to picked up one of his tomes yourself, Stephen King has pushed generations into a world of nightmares. And of course, many […]


Watch the Trailer for the Visceral South Korean Horror Movie BLUEBEARD!

On March 17th, the new South Korean horror movie BLUEBEARD is releasing theatrically all around the US. Helmed by female director Lee Soo-youn (THE UNINVITED), BLUEBEARD is a genre-melding movie that blends elements of thriller and horror into a captivating and visceral murder mystery. Check out the synopsis below along with the trailer. For more info […]


Why You Need to Watch the TV Show RIVERDALE

When I first saw the advertisements for the TV show RIVERDALE, I was incredibly skeptical. An adult version of the ARCHIE comics? Oh I’d seen that before, and there were zombies. While I’d been mildly amused by some of the prior, more sophisticated inceptions of the Jughead, Veronica, and Archie universe, I was quite cynical […]

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Got 5 Minutes? Check Out the Freaky Short Film STORAGE

Today’s short is coming to us all the way from Sweden, and it is quite chilling! Created by filmmakers Henry Chu and Stefan Sundberg, STORAGE follows a man and his daughter who encounter a frightening supernatural presence that can only be viewed through a cell phone camera lens.

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Can You Handle 3 Minutes of Terror with THE MOONLIGHT MAN Short Film?

In need of a coffee break or just have three minutes to spare? Well, that’s all the time we need to scare the heck out of you! Check out THE MOONLIGHT MAN, directed by Danny Donahue. A girl encounters a strange being while walking to her car, and, after accidentally losing her keys, she finds […]