Tub Time is CHILD’S PLAY Again — Thanks to This Chucky Bath Bomb

I just caught this story on my Facebook feed, shortly after it was shared by the creator of the CHILD’S PLAY franchise — Chucky’s Daddy himself — CULT OF CHUCKY writer-director Don Mancini.

Sure, we’ve tipped you off to some rather awesome horror-themed bath bombs in the past (I’m partial to the JAWS-themed fizzie that turns the water ocean blue, then blood-red), but this one’s so cool-looking, I’d hate to see it dissolve away in the tub.

Created by cruelty-free vegan beauty line Loquita Bath and Body, the “Chuckie” is an adorable and aromatic likeness of serial killer Charles Lee Ray in his post-human, homicidal doll form.

Loquita founder Mira Perez told Hello Giggles this killer-doll-inspired bath bomb is just one of many ’90s-based bath products she’ll be introducing this year — including THE CRAFT-themed purple lip-shaped bombs that dissolve to reveal toy scorpions inside.

Perez hinted there are 20 more ’90s-inspired bath items coming from Loquita on the way — many of which are inspired by cult and horror movies.


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