Throwback Video: John Carpenter On David Letterman Promoting THE THING!

I don’t know what it is, but I love falling down the rabbit hole on You Tube and uncovering old video interviews with a certain sense of context.

John Carpenter’s THE THING continues to be dissected, discussed and celebrated some 35 years after its theatrical release, and rightfully so! It’s a masterpiece!

But as every article revolving around THE THING will tell you, it wasn’t considered that upon it’s original unveiling. In fact, it’s one of those rare bittersweet instances where a unique filmmaker was just a little too far ahead of the curve. Companies like Scream Factory and Arrow DVD have done their part by releasing recent Criterion-style special editions of THE THING, but one thing missing from them all is the following vintage interview.

Watch John Carpenter on the David Letterman show¬†before THE THING’s release.

This video was uploaded by You Tube user Wichita Big Screen. There’re a few other cool vintage videos on their page!