New Episode Of RATED ART Focuses On The Work Of Graham Humphreys!

A few months back, we shared the first episode of the new online series RATED ART: Scenes Of A Graphic Nature – the brainchild of Scott Johannsson, the former co-host of soundtrack podcast The Damn Fine Cast and one of the people behind the record label Ondes Positives.

That first episode set its sights on the great Gary Pullin. (Watch it here!) The subject of episode 2 is legendary illustrator Graham Humphreys!

Graham Humphreys is a legendary illustrator from the UK who cut his teeth producing film poster and VHS designs in the ’80s for Palace Pictures and others, creating some of the most iconic work of the era for titles such as THE EVIL DEAD, A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET and RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD.

Though best known for his distinctive, fully hand-painted style and contributions to fantasy and horror art, he is also a highly versatile artist across all genres and styles, creating branding and advertising, record sleeves and promotional art for Arrow Video, FrightFest, IRS Records, BBC, Tartan Video and many more.

The new episode of RATED ART discusses his career at length, focusing on a few key projects including the original EVIL DEAD poster and VHS art, The Cramps’ OFF THE BONE album and his collected art book DRAWING BLOOD. Watch it now!


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