Check Out the Teaser and Exclusive Info on Stylish Indie Slasher ANGEL!

The next feature project from award-winning filmmaker Tory Jones — whose previous old-school slasher THE WICKED ONE garnered praise from fans and press alike — is already back at work on the new feature ANGEL, which hints at even more stylish suspense, possibly on a grander scale.

The tale is primarily set in the abandoned town of Raven Rock, evacuated over thirty years ago in the wake of a massacre so horrific that the entire location has been literally walled off from the outside world. But apparently that’s not protection enough, as a pattern of recent disappearances in the area may be linked to the town — which is rumored to be haunted.

When a journalist and her team probe deeper into the case, their investigation leads them into the deadly heart of the town itself — where they discover the terrifying truth behind the local legends.

“ANGEL is a departure from other slasher flicks that have come before,” Jones told, “with a female antagonist who is quite unique, to say the least.”

ANGEL is co-produced by Shawn Burkett (DON’T FUCK IN THE WOODS) and P.J. Starks (of the cult hit VOLUMES OF BLOOD franchise, which we’ve covered recently), and is currently in preproduction. Principal actors Jessica Bloom and Dale Miller have been announced, with more casting choices to be determined soon.

The concept teaser also suggests a moody and stylish tone, and makes excellent use of a large and very creepy abandoned location:

Starks told us he’s excited to be working with Jones for that very reason; the director’s style is a bit of a departure from the EC Comics-style approach to Starks’ VOLUMES OF BLOOD films. “It’ll be nice to sink my teeth into something with dark undertones and a very palpable atmosphere,” he said.

We’ll be back with more details when production commences… and you can visit ANGEL’s official site and Facebook page for further updates.