A Sneak Peek at the Tasty Horror Comedy BUTCHER THE BAKERS!

If you thought low-fi ‘80s oddities like BLOOD DINER or MICROWAVE MASSACRE were the last word on culinary-themed horror satire (not counting outright cannibal-themed flicks, of course), you might want to update your movie viewing schedule soon… because there’s a new indie feature on the way that promises to bring that niche subgenre headlong into the millennial era.

BUTCHER THE BAKERS imports slasher-flick conventions into the heart of hipsterville for its tale of Sam and Martin, two new hires at an artisanal bakery whose career path takes a bizarre turn when they discover a deranged supernatural killer has been stalking townspeople on a mission to harvest souls.

That premise alone should make BUTCHER THE BAKERS worth a look… but maybe the latest trailer will help seal the deal for you:

Also encouraging is the participation of VOLUMES OF BLOOD filmmaker P.J. Starks [read more on that anthology franchise’s latest installment here] as executive producer on BAKERS, which is written and directed by Tyler Amm (RIVER CITY PANIC, GRACE’S ROOM) for Hometown Hero Productions.

If this news just gave you the munchies, your craving may be satisfied soon: BUTCHER THE BAKERS is set to premiere Saturday May 20 at the eighth annual Mayday Film Festival in Evansville, Indiana, as half of a double-bill with Starks’ VOLUMES OF BLOOD: HORROR STORIES [more about that sequel here].

Dig the excellent vintage-style poster art created by artist Rocky Gray exclusively for that screening!