These 3D Papercraft Horror House Designs Are Your New Favorite Hobby

If your dream-home décor has been missing a tabletop-size diorama of Michael Myers’ childhood home from HALLOWEEN, the ominous Bates abode from PSYCHO, the Long Island Locale of THE AMITYVILLE HORROR, or even Disney’s legendary Haunted Mansion, but your budget just won’t allow it… well, your darkest dreams may have just come true.

Image Credit: Ray Keim

Artist, animator, designer, model-maker and all-around spookhouse guru Ray Keim — whose amazing designs have played a major role in the mazes, displays and other attractions at Universal Studios Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights — opted to share his macabre visions with DIY artists and hobbyists, by transforming his full-scale creations into papercraft models, which you can download, print and assemble yourself.

Image Credit: Ray Keim

Keim’s “Paper Model Purgatory” collection, which is just one amazing section of his official website Haunted Dimensions, offers paper kits and instructions for assembling all the aforementioned horror landmarks… as well as other Disney haunt attractions from around the world, the theater featured in 1958’s THE BLOB, and Universal’s “Screamhouse,” “Psychoscareapy” and “Skoolhouse” façades from Halloween Horror Nights 2006.

Image Credit: Ray Keim

Each model’s page contains a link to download the model layouts, accompanied by instructions for cutout and assembly (which is just as complicated as it looks, mostly due to the extremely tiny pieces). All of the downloads are free of charge, provided all photographs or videos you take of your work include credit to the original artist.

If that’s not awesome enough to send you to Haunted Dimensions pronto… how about this?

Image Credit: Ray Keim & Brenda SG Walter

Writer Brenda SG Walter of DIRGE Magazine took Keim’s concepts down an even darker, more Gothic path, by printing the components in grayscale (the originals are in ghoulish color), and you can see the result of her craftiness here.

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