We Dare You Not To Cringe At This Exclusive Clip From JOHNNY FRANK GARRETT’S LAST WORD

We were just talking around the office about director Simon Rumley’s disturbing feature RED, WHITE & BLUE. Lo and behold, we just got word on his latest movie, JOHNNY FRANK GARRETT’S LAST WORD.

It arrives on VOD on March 14th from Momentum Pictures, and according to the press release, is based on a true story.

A nun was murdered in her convent bedroom in Amarillo, Texas on Halloween 1981. The police arrested a young man, Johnny Frank Garrett, who always maintained his innocence, but was found guilty and sentenced to death. On the night of his execution, he wrote a curse letter condemning the people and their families who helped send him to his demise. Shortly after Garrett’s death, members of the community start mysteriously dying. One of the jurors takes it upon himself to break the curse when his son is suddenly struck with a life-threatening illness.

But look…. all you need to see to get you interested in this movie is the following exclusive clip we’ve got lined up for you. When I first watched it, I cringed but couldn’t look away! Hence, the header image for this article. Have a look for yourselves, if you dare!

If you want more, here’s the official trailer for JOHNNY FRANK GARRETT’S LAST WORD.

Once again, JOHNNY FRANK GARRETT’S LAST WORD comes out on VOD March 14th, and stars Mike Doyle (THE INVITATION), Sean Patrick Flanery (SAW 3D, THE BOONDOCK SAINTS), Erin Cummings (LATE PHASES, BITCH SLAP), and Devin Bonnée (FASHIONISTA).


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