Bizarre Footage of a “Possessed” Gunshot Victim is Giving the Whole World Nightmares

To borrow a phrase, I’ve been from one end of this internet to the other, and I’ve seen a lot of strange stuff… but I really, honestly have no idea what the holy ding-dong hell biscuits is actually going on in the clip below.

It’s not even certain where this footage originated… it appears to have first appeared on Brazil’s Canal R1; shortly afterward it was snagged up by multiple sites around the world. Thanks to social media, it’s now managed to terrify hundreds of thousands more viewers since then.

The unnamed man in this video is bleeding profusely from the mouth, growling, laughing and raving, contorting his body as he shambles through a hospital corridor. The descriptive text indicates the footage was recorded the morning of February 27 at Miguel Couto Municipal Hospital in Brazil, and that the man’s injuries were the result of a gunshot to the face.

[WARNING: May be disturbing to some viewers]

Some viewers are claiming the subject is demonically possessed; an unseen man can be heard reciting the Lord’s Prayer and other incantations while trying to fend the patient off with a chair, so he was likely thinking the same thing. But I’m going to venture a guess that the patient has been dabbling in chemistry, if you know what I mean (Canal R1 reached the same conclusion).

I’m sure there’s a fascinating story behind this man’s nightmarish behavior; as of this writing, we know only what we’ve recounted here. But rest assured, just as you read this, there’s an animated GIF of this dude on the way to becoming one of the year’s most horrifying memes.


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