EXCLUSIVE: Check Out A Clip From The New Horror Anthology TERRORTORY!

The Halloween season is in full swing, and since most of us are horror fans with an already insatiable appetite for all things spooky, now is the time where we attempt to consume it all, like a little kid on Halloween night with a bag full of candy! From big-budget studio fare, to low-budget indies, we’ll scan our home video shelves, the “horror” section of Netflix Instant or perhaps Shudder and try to curate what will end up being on our viewing agenda. If you’re looking for something totally different, might we suggest you take a look at the new horror anthology TERRORTORY, now streaming free for Amazon Prime subscribers.

TERRORTORY feeatures six segments from directors Kevin Kangas, Dan Doran and Mark Wenger. The above image comes from the segment “The Midnight Clown,” while below you’ll find the first 5 minutes from the “Smiling Jack” segment directed by Kangas and featuring Johnny Alonso (FEAR OF CLOWNS 2, GOTHAM), Melissa LaMartina (CALL GIRL OF CTHULHU) and M.T. Smith as Smiling Jack.

The movie will be available on Amazon Prime through October 31st.


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