10 Terrific but Lesser-Known 1990s Horror Movies

The 1990s get a lot of flack for being one of the lesser decades as far as horror movies go, but there were plenty of good ones, some of which you may not even know about. Below are 10 terrific, but lesser known horror movies from the 1990s that you should seek out now. In chronological order…

BABY BLOOD (1990)(Cover photo)

I love this quirky French movie. A pregnant circus performer runs away from her abusive beau. While fleeing, she realizes that she is not pregnant with a baby but instead an alien parasite who talks to her internally and delivers snarky commentary on mankind. In order to keep it alive, she must drink human blood. And though I rarely recommend watching dubbed editions, on the American DVD release there is a dubbed version where the alien parasite is voiced by Gary Oldman. It’s pretty awesome.

Baby Blood



This is a clear rip-off of THE EVIL DEAD, but it is actually quite good in its own right. A group of teens are visiting a farm when a weird fog rolls in bringing a whole gaggle of demons in tow.




This one is also sometimes listed as THE SECT and DEMONS 4. It was produced by the legendary Dario Argento and directed by Michele Soavi who also helmed STAGE FRIGHT and CEMETERY MAN. A woman almost hits an old man with her car, and as she takes care of him, it becomes clear that she has been selected to give birth to the anti-Christ.




The first TETSUO movie became immortalized in horror history for its simplistic black and white style blended with revolting flesh effects. But the second film is equally awesome if you’re into weird Japanese movies about people who slowly turn themselves into giant scrap metal monsters (I am!). This one follows the same concepts and style of the first one, but with a bigger budget and way more carnage and chaos.

tetsuo-ii-body-hammer-geiger-gun (1)



A lot of people have disregard this made-for-TV sequel, but it is really well done and boasts one of the most suspenseful opening sequences in movie history.



THE CLUB (1994)

At a senior prom held in a gothic castle, time stops, and a demon enters the scene, slowly convincing the students to hand over their souls one by one. Some standard teen prom horror stuff is used here, but the demon’s tactics and the presentation of this supernatural slasher make it an interesting watch.

club_video_poster (1)



Abel Ferrara directed this gritty movie about a NYC grad student who is bitten by a vampire and develops an insatiable hunger for blood. The whole movie feels like a bigger statement on drug addiction.




In the future, war and radiation have all but destroyed a mining planet. Peter Weller heads a group of travelers on a peace mission. But the desert planet is full of Screamers, enemy weapons that look like people but actually are robots whose teeth become razor shredders and let out a piercing cry just before they rip you to bits. And since they look and act like people, no one is sure who is real and who is a Screamer.

hqdefault (1)



This is one of the stranger films from renowned director Alex de la Iglesia, which may explain why this one has never had a decent release in the USA. Based on the same set of novellas that David Lynch used for WILD AT HEART, this film interpretation follows a psychopath and his Tura Satana-esque girlfriend as they kidnap a young couple and plan to sacrifice them to a Santeria God. The movie gets astoundingly extreme and shocking, yet at times it is a hilarious comedy. PERDITA DURANGO is not for everyone, but if you like graphic, bizarre horror, then be sure to check it out.




Six years after her daughter is found dead in a well, Claudia begins receiving calls from someone claiming to be her daughter, stating she is still alive and needs her mother’s help to escape from her captors. This one is super scary!

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 10.14.42 PM copy



A prison ship crashes on some rocks leaving the boat crew, prison guards, and criminals all stranded on a small lighthouse island. A psychopathic killer known as the Headhunter was on the boat, and he begins picking off the survivors one by one. Everyone must work together to try to fight this unstoppable killer.