Is This a Legit Photo of the Legendary ‘Jersey Devil?’

Photo Credit: Dave Black/

Every country, region and culture on Earth has its own local myths and legends about mysterious creatures that travel by night or shadow – some benign, some ferocious, some both – and New Jersey’s vast Pine Barrens is no exception: for centuries, many locals claim the Pinelands are haunted by a winged, horned, cloven-hooved, possibly half-human creature known as the Jersey Devil – and this week, another witness came forward with what he considers possible photographic evidence.

Dave Black was driving home from his job in Atlantic City whe he was startled by the appearance of a strange animal near a golf course alongside Route 9 in Galloway, NJ. Black told Kelly Roncace, a writer for and a paranormal investigator based in Salem County, that the creature looked like “a llama running in and out of the trees” – that is, until it suddenly “spread out leathery wings and flew off.”

Black said he grabbed his phone to snap as many pictures of the creature as possible, but only one showed the animal in flight.

“I swear it’s not Photoshopped or a staged thing,” Black told earlier this week. “A friend suggested that maybe it was an animal running and an owl grabbed it, the photo being a combination of them. That’s still not my first instinct, but I don’t know how to explain it otherwise… I’m honestly just looking for an explanation for what I saw.”

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